Celebrate Valentines Day Without Spending Much

Valentines Day 2016

People are planning to lavish attention on their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, where spending to Approach $19 Billion this year. However if you want something other than the ordinary for Valentine’s Day this year without breaking into your retirement fund we have listed down 6 ways to celebrate Valentines Day this year without spending much.

1. Long Drive
Drive to city suburbs & witness change in the scenery along the way and marvel at nature’s wonder.

2. Balloons/Flowers
Instead giving a dozen red roses give one with special touch like adding couple of heart shaped balloons.

3. Chocolates
Give a special brand of chocolate bar instead of a whole box of expensive chocolates.

4. Outdoors
Pack a picnic hamper, occupy one of the beach shelters or park and enjoy some romantic time without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Movies
Head out to the movies or watch your all-time favorite movies together at home turn your living room into a movie theater.

6. DIY
Create a photo essay compiling favorite photos of the two of you and copy them into a Word document with captions and romantic messages.



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