Tips on Buying Hoverboards

Expect New Version of Hoverboards

segwaysWhether you call them hoverboards or self-balancing scooter boards these two-wheeled scooters were the hottest toys and tech fad in 2015 and we can expect new versions on the shelves near you in 2016 as well. Despite its coolness there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there.  We have listed down few interesting facts you should know before you buy.

back to the future hoverboardThese hoverboards can’t actually levitate like we have seen in Back to the future Part II, more accurate name is self-balancing scooter. These self-balanced scooters are modified version of Segways without the handle bar introduced back in 2001. Faulty large lithium ion batteries can overheat and explode under rare conditions. There have been reports in 2015.

The general rule of thumb is to buy a hoverboard directly from the hoverboard safteymanufacturer to minimize the risk that you’ll get a fake. Proper safety gear is a must while riding, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards as for any kind of vehicle. Hoverboards have minimum and maximum weight limits, which are meant to protect the rider and scooter.

hoverboard justin johnThere is no height limits associated with the hoverboards, though most will lift you about four inches above the ground.Most of the scooters available in the market will not operate going up or down steep hills, usually over 30 degrees. Most manufacturers don’t have explicit age limits and does not state that children, pregnant women & the elderly shouldn’t ride.

hoverboard bannedVarious celebrities have also flocked to hoverboards, Justin Bieber and John Legend have been seen riding them. Famous Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested while scooting around on one of the hoverboard in the Los Angeles Airport. Several airlines have already prohibited the transportation of the hoverboards, either in stored or carry-on luggage.




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